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In Japanese culture, the paper crane symbolizes prosperity and good luck. And so, inspired by the crane and a love of flats, friends for over 20 years went on a search to develop ballet flats that were not only fashionable, affordable, but also comfortable.

The Crane foldable shoes are beautifully made, comfortable and portable ballet flats. Whether it’s a long, leisurely stroll along the Thames, walking through the hustle and bustle of a mall or navigating the cobble stoned alleys of Paris, these shoes have been tested to be worn all day without fear of aching feet.  We are not kidding! Test and be the judge.  Effortlessly chic basic ballet flat must-have. The new favored ballet flats of those who have tried.  You’ll be wanting more than a pair or two for sure!

Fashioned from genuine leather and infused with a certain ease, each piece is completely unique and only gets enhanced with age. With your Crane shoes taking you everywhere, both prosperity and comfy feet will follow you wherever you go.